Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurship

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About This Course

First we had the industrial revolution, then came the information revolution and the next revolution is the artificial intelligence one. During this exciting artificial intelligence tech entrepreneurship course we will explore markets, industries, organizations that is in need of artificial intelligence based solutions. We will explore tech startup ideas in artificial intelligence, from the gaming Industry to space exploration industry, in over 100+ markets, industries, trends and technologies with a lot of promising opportunities within the artificial intelligence market

What is Included?

Artificial Intelligence Market Value
  • Estimated Market Value in 2021 $ 46.9 Billion USD
  • Forecasted Market Value by 2027 $ 341.4 Billion USD
  • Estimated Entrepreneurship Opportunities in 2022 $ 72.6 Billion USD
  • Estimated Startup Market Share in 2022 $ 1.6 Billion USD

Learn How to Start and Run a Successful Artificial Intelligence Startup
  • Artificial Intelligence Startup, Step by Step Instructions
  • Artificial Intelligence Market Trends, Industry Trends, Tech Trends, Business Trends
  • Understand Artificial Intelligence Startup Concepts, Innovations, Tech Startup Ideas
  • Implement your Artificial Intelligence Startup into desired Market

Artificial Intelligence Tech Startup Ideas
  • Space Tech AI Assistance
  • AI Cyber Nursing Assistance
  • Wind AI Assistance
  • Weather AI Assistance
  • AI Customer Support Chatbots
  • Smart Farming AI
  • Oceanic 360 Degree CV AI Drone System
  • Smart Home AI
  • Robotic AI Disabled Assistance
  • PT AI Virtual Assistance
  • Clean AI CV Detection System
  • and much more

Artificial Intelligence Tech, Industry & Market Trends
  • AI Factory 3D Design Lab
  • Robotic Automation Metrics Dashboard
  • Recyclable Bio Packaging
  • Virtual Rapid Prototyping System
  • MLOps QR Blockchain Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Facility Drone Monitoring
  • and much more

Artificial Intelligence Tech Curriculum
  • Artificial Intelligence Market Trends
  • Artificial Intelligence Industry Trends
  • Artificial Intelligence Startup Trends
  • Artificial Intelligence Business Trends
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends
  • Artificial Intelligence Forecasting Reports
  • and much more

Strategic Decisions in the Artificial Intelligence Industry
  • Traffic CV DS
  • SecurityOps CV DS
  • Fraud AI Detection System
  • Drone Terrain CV Mapping
  • Driving Assistance
  • Retailer Analytics
  • Smart Manufacturing 4.0
  • RT AI SaaS
  • Cargo AI
  • and much more

Emerging Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence
  • Lawtech MLOps
  • InsurTech MLOps
  • Retail Ad System 2.0
  • Copywriting Assistance
  • E-commerce AI Chatbots
  • Elderly Care AI
  • Medical AI Emergency Assistance
  • Forensics AI Assistance
  • Gaming Industry
  • XR AI
  • and much more

Startup to Scaleup in AI Industry
  • Healthcare AI Diagnostics
  • AI E-Marketplace
  • Fintech AI
  • AdTech AI
  • Recycling Cloud CV
  • AI Legal Assistant
  • and much more

AI Tech Entrepreneurship Sections 
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Concepts
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Consulting
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Management
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Tactics
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Techniques
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Strategies
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Methods
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Mindsets
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Hacks
  • and much more

AI Tech Entrepreneurship Topics
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • AGI
  • Chatbot
  • GPT-3
  • Neural Networks
  • GAN
  • Algorithm
  • Backward Chaining
  • Image Recognition
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Supervised NLP
  • Bounding Box
  • AI Security
  • Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • Anti Deepfake Software
  • TensorFlow
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Metaverse
  • Ethical AI Certification
  • IBM Watson
  • Big Data Decision Making
  • Supervised Learning
  • and much more


Learning Objectives

Learn to Develop a Successful Artificial Intelligence Tech Startup
Step by Step Instructions for Developing a Artificial Intelligence Startup
Get an Holistic Understanding of Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurship
Save 10X of Your Time with our Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurship Program
Receive 10X Return Of Investment (ROI) than a regular education program with our Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurship Program
Complete Artificial Intelligence Tech Entrepreneurship Mentorship & Guidance
Explore 100+ Artificial Intelligence Tech Market, Industry, Business, Startup Trends
Explore New Strategies, Solutions, Innovations and Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurship
Complete a Artificial Intelligence Tech Startup Business Setup: From Startup Idea, To Funding, To MVP, To Launch
Go From Beginner To Advanced Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur in No Time with No Prerequisite knowledge, skills, programming or tech background needed except an open mindset
Explore 100+ Artificial Intelligence Tech Startup Ideas
Learn To Provide with Artificial Intelligence Services, Solutions, Consulting, Support & Counselling

Material Includes

  • 1080p Full HD Video Quality Content
  • 4K Video Quality Content
  • Assignments & Quizzes
  • Digital Certification
  • 365 Days Membership/Subscription
  • Student Dashboard
  • On-Demand Account
  • and much more


  • Basic understanding of the English language
  • Open mindset to learning our Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Basic understanding of business and startup terminology

Target Audience

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Startup Enthusiast
  • Tech Interested
  • CEO.s, Managers, Investors, Engineers, Futurists


27 Lessons22h 30m

Artificial Intelligence Introduction

Artificial Intelligence Introduction8:39

Artificial Intelligence Startup Ideas

Tech Entrepreneurship

Tech Entrepreneurship

Artificial Intelligence Basics

Artificial Intelligence R&D

Artificial Intelligence Creativity & Innovation

Artificial Intelligence Funding

Artificial Intelligence Startup Formation

Artificial Intelligence Startup Platform

Artificial Intelligence Clients

Tech Entrepreneurship Consulting

Tech Entrepreneurship Management

Tech Entrepreneurship Hardware

Tech Entrepreneurship IT Operations

Tech Entrepreneurship Coding

Artificial Intelligence Topics

Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Artificial Intelligence Trends

Artificial Intelligence App

Artificial Intelligence UX

Artificial Intelligence SaaS

Computer Vision Technologies

Robotics Technologies

Chatbots & NLP

RPA & Automation

Machine Learning & MLOps

Deep Learning & Neural Networks


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27 lectures

Material Includes

  • 1080p Full HD Video Quality Content
  • 4K Video Quality Content
  • Assignments & Quizzes
  • Digital Certification
  • 365 Days Membership/Subscription
  • Student Dashboard
  • On-Demand Account
  • and much more

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