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Courses & Workshops

Make sure your bank account or credit card accepts online purchases.
Once your course program has been completed, you will received an certification sent out to your registered email account
You do that in the checkout process.
No that is not an requirement.
Nothing except an open and positive mindset, our program is designed so beginners can start as well.
You can read about the content in the course curriculum section.
Course means you will have streaming on-demand access, while workshop means you will have access to an workshop session during a specific date and time.
To provide knowledge, experience, research, expertise, guidance, mentorship, for creating successful startups.
Yes, if you implement our consultants information and guidance.
Premium Edition means you will get an upgrade of you startup course with additional content that makes your startup process and learning curve increase
Gold Edition means you will get an upgrade of you startup course with additional content that makes your startup process and learning curve increase, with also additional resources for improving your startup process
Currently we don't provide any discounts for any specific group, except during holiday times like Christmas, Halloween, black friday, cyber monday etc.
You need access to a computer/laptop with speakers, access to the internet and an installed web browser.
Webinar is an umbrella term for web conference or web workshop
We recommend that you prepare yourself with an digital and physical notebook.
It will be sent yo your registered email account. If you don't find it, check the spam inbox.
Yes you will an digital certification/diploma sent to your registered email account once the program has been finished
Yes, check your e-mail account for information and instructions from Atechup
Yes send an e-mail to our support department at to re-schedule the date of your workshop session.
In 1 Month, approx 30 days subscription. Once the subscription is finished you can subscribe to membership on our site.
You can subscribe on a monthly or annually based payment subscription and receive access to streaming on-demand course material each month, with new fresh insights and tutorials
Yes we cover all sections relevant to a startup process
Follow through the instructions sent to your registered email account for activating your web account.
It consist of streaming video lectures in 1080p Full HD Quality
You go to our e-commerce store and purchase access to our course
No, all access to our course material is subscription/membership based streaming services
Yes, its going to be released during 2019.
Yes you can,but nothing we recommend, for best customer experience, use a laptop/computer with at least 1920 * 1080 Computer Screen
Yes, feel free, to publish job positions for your startup, but only available for paying customers as a free bonus

Account & Troubleshooting

Yes, send an email to our customer support department at
If you try to sign in with wrong username, password or e-mail more than three times you will be locked out from our security system. Send an e-mail to to resolve the problem.
You have probably violated our terms of service and conditions, for resolving the issue,contact our customer support department at
Send an e-mail to to resolve the issue. Make sure to clear cookies as well in your web browser.
It will be sent yo your registered email account. If you don't find it, check the spam inbox.
Click on your user account e-mail you have received from us and follow through the instructions for setting a new password
Yes we have the highers cybersecurity configuration integrated with HTTPS, TLS and cryptography at our platform
You most Choose a Strong Password for it to go through our system.
Yes, you will have 24/7 access from anywhere from the planet
Click on our product tour page or look for specific information in the course description and in the curriculum section
No, we are privately owned company
Check your spam inbox, once an order has came through, we will process the order and send out information instructions within 24-48 business hours.
Our customer support will get back to you within two working days (48 business hours). Our business hours are Monday through Friday. All responses will be sent during our operating business hours.
It depends on the situation, for clarification, contact our customer support department at
Press, the unsubscribe at the bottom of your email.
All our material is in 1080p, full HD, with highest standard in video and audio quality. Make sure your internet connectivity is stable and working properly for highest customer experience
Did You Receive an confirmation Email after purchase? If not, make sure that your email account is working properly. Otherwise contact your email hosting provider to solve the issue.
Understanding the English language,Internet access, Have access to Stationary Computer/ Laptop / PC / MAC For Highest Customer Experience, Have access to at least 1920 x 1080 Computer Screen and Computer Speakers, A basic general knowledge of IT and business/startup terms
Language: English, Course material: 1080p Full HD Video Streaming, Access: On-Demand Web Account in 1 month (approx 30 days)
Use the Control Panel to adjust volume, screen and video quality.
See that your web browser is updated and functioning properly. We recommend you to use one of these web browsers during your startup course. Mozilla,, Google Chrome,, Opera,, Safari
In the course description section
Anyone interested in developing their own startup, anyone from managers, to designers/developers etc

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