We offer a variety of services to our clients including


Atechup specializes in virtual classes, lectures, bootcamps, seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs, businesses, departments and managers with focus in emerging and disruptive technologies. Our core values is innovation, creativity, growth and integrity and the establishment of new markets, industries and businesses


Our training sessions extends to in house training, fair trade and exhibitions training but also workshops, web conference and virtual class training. Our programs include training in healthcare technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, drone technology, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, smart farming, fintech, cyber security and much more


With our programs, we make sure, your business expand to new industries and markets, with growth potential. During our programs, your employees will receive market insights, understanding of market analytics, tech trends, business trends and forecasting reports


Growing your business, can be a difficult and complex task, but with our programs everything gets much simpler with clear roadmaps and blueprints for your business to navigate through.


Startups that are finding it difficult to become successful with their market fit or that fails with their customer/user acquisition plan, dont need to worry any more, with our startup training, we make sure, your startup is more flexible, robust and scalable and penetrate into the market


Atechup will shape future markets and industries with emerging, disruptive and innovative technologies and integrate emerging industries and emerging markets with co-founding, crowdfunding, research, prototyping, brainstorming, collaboration, innovation, inventing and investing for introducing new tech/startup products, prototypes and services into the market